Teflon Lined Diaphragm Valve

Teflon Lined Diaphragm Valve

The Vatac Straight Through Type Diaphragm Valve has been developed to handle a wider range of fluids and gases than any other valve type
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The Vatac Straight Through Type Diaphragm Valve has been developed to handle a wider range of fluids and gases than any other valve type. Available in a wide range of plastic, rubber and Flurione linings with manual and actuated bonnet options, it provides extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use giving 100% leak tight operation. Intrinsic to the design and ultimate performance of the valve is our range of diaphragms, which are developed and manufactured to ensure complete safety and security of operation with superior performance; The Vatac Straight Through Diaphragm Valves are available in type of fully body lining or body without linning.
Applications: Chemicals Processing, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Metal Processing, Minerals Processing, Brewery and Effluent Treatment

Bonnet Isolation: The diaphragm isolates the working parts of the valve from process fluids.
» Streamlined Fluid Passage: The smooth contoured body has minimal pockets, cavities or dead spaces, which prevent accumulation or stagnation of process fluids or contaminants.
» No Packing Gland or Packing: No more packing gland adjustment required or stem packing leakage problems for improved control of ugitive emissions.
» Positive Leak Tight Closure: Bubble tight closure is provided in accordance with MSS SPC88
» In-Line Maintenance: Easily maintained when required for reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership.
» Adjustable Travel Stop: Prevents overclosure of the valve and prolongs diaphragm life. The adjustability feature assures that leak-tight shutoff can be maintained throughout the valves life
» Bronze Bushing: Reduces turning torque and enhances cycle life in dirty atmosphere
» Sealed Bonnet: Offers secondary process containment to control fugitive emissions.
» 100% Seat & Shell Testing: All valves are pressure tested bubble tight prior to shipment. No visible leakage is allowed.
» Broad Line of body and diaphragm materials and actuation packages: Allows optimum selection of materials for service conditions, often without expensive upgrades.

Vatac offers Straight Diaphragm Valves including, but not limited to
▲ Unlined Straight Diaphragm Valve ▲ Rubber Lined Straight Diaphragm Valve ▲ Fluorine PFA / PTFE Lined Straight Diaphragm Valve

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